Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Wish List and Ideal Gift Ideas For Travelers

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your traveler loved ones? It is a perfect moment to top last year's gift for your family and friends.

And every year it is getting tougher to find a unique and worth buying for our traveler loved ones who seems to have it all when it comes to innovation, connectivity, gadgets and travel accessories.

But most of the time we genuinely don't know what to buy or we want to have a surprise for someone. So here are some Christmas gift ideas, ideal for our folks who love to travel brought to you by Mosafer. However, if you are unaware of Mosafer luggage store, definitely check it out for designer travel luggage and bags, travel accessories, travel packing solutions as well as classic carry-on luggage.

Travel Accessories 

Mosafer Massage Feature Microbead Travel Pillow - Add this in-flight comfort Mosafer Micro-bead pillow to your travel accessories wish list. Frequent traveler, know exactly how stiff, tiring and neck sore they can feel at the end of a long journey. With this microbead travel pillow, it will give a traveler a total comfort that massages the muscles, helping the person to relax and arrive at their destination feeling as fresh as when they set out? You’ve found it! Match it up with a breathable eye mask for a good night’s rest.

Mosafer Prayer Mat With Compass The perfect travel Prayer Mat comes with an easy-pack pouch and compass attached, easy-to-use in any place at any time.

Travel Packing Solutions

Eagle Creel Pack-It Specter™ Garment Folder Small -An ultra-light packing solution that weighs only seven ounces made of Silnylon to keep clothing organized while traveling. This translucent fabric is the same fabric used for lightweight tents and backpacks, it is super-durable, stain and water-resistant. The Pack-It Specter™ Folder 18 holds up to 7 items and fits in most carry on bags.

Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Slim Kit  - When you just need to grab a few of the necessary toiletries and get going, the Pack-It™ Slim Kit is a compact approach to toiletry organization. This small toiletry bag is just the right size for a quick trip or business trip. With stow-away swivel hook for hanging.

Mosafer Vacuum Travel Bags - Easy-to-use Vacuum Travel Bags create 2 times more space in your luggage, whilst keeping you organized and dirt-free.

Travel Luggage

GUESS hardcase 4-Wheeler 20 InchBrighten your travel time with the bright color of this GUESS hardcase carry-on luggage. Guess hardcase check-in luggage for durability, with effortless glide and easy maneuverability. 

BlueSmart Black Edition - BlueSmart Black Edition is powered by BlueSmart core technology, but under a sleeker full black body and premium materials. 

Location Tracker - built-in GPS technology powered by a global SIM card that allows you to track your BlueSmart luggage anywhere in the world.
Built-in Smartphone Charger - charges your devices up to 6 times.
Digital Scale - Check the weight of your suitcase anytime and anywhere. 
Lock - Remotely lock your luggage from your phone.

Travel Bags

HiSmart Convertible Bag by Lepow  (Brown)A convertible bag with smart features. Strap it to your back or sling it on your shoulder. HiSmart can go anywhere in the new age of wearable information.
Travel Electronic and Gadgets

Mosafer Universal AdaptorThe ultimate compact and travel-friendly adaptor, with ergonamic shape and easy-to-use features catering to the on-the-go traveler. 
Mosafer Digital Travel Scale - Pack in a compact digital luggage scale with a super-strong 50kg (110lb) capacity and cruise through check in. Want to get it all in one bag? A vacuum storage bag will help you to get the most out of your packing space!
Mosafer TSA Travel Padlock - Let’s face it: a bit of Clingfilm wrap doesn’t really do much for your bag’s security or its looks. Make it as tamper-proof as can be with this lightweight but sturdy combination lock.

Outdoors and Camping

Ferrari Travel Backpack  - The Ferrari Travel Backpack combines style with design. Providing generous space for all your daily needs. Luxury meets comfort for this backpack.
ERGOBAG Black Bounce - Black is the new neon, classic, Ergonomic, and ecological. Black Bounce by satch ergobag meets this requirement. Timeless and without frills.
Bugatti Backpack Off-Road - Bugatti Off Road Business Backpack features both laptop & tablet protection with numerous exterior and interior pockets to keep your belongings organized while you hit the road! 

Wellness, Beauty, Health & Hygiene 

Mosafer Days of The Week Pill Box - If you use health supplements or need to take your medication regularly, keeping track of your daily doses can be tricky at the best of times. Have you ever been unsure whether you’ve taken your medicine today or not? Eliminate uncertainty, the possibility of an overdose through taking pills twice, or the chance of forgetting your 
medication by loading up your days of the week pill box in advance of your trip. 
Mosafer First Aid Kit - First Aid Kit to keep with you at all times, ready for any emergency, for compact convenience.
Mosafer Travel Accessory Pouch - Stay trendy and organized with the Accessory Pouch, perfect for Makeup, Toiletries and Accessories on-the-go.
Still need some shopping ideas for Christmas presents? Check out Mosafer category for eco-friendly gifts like BG Berlin, travel packing solutions and practical bags and many more travel designer brands.

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